Donate to this candidate

Currently we are asking for contributions to assist in getting on the democratic ballot in July. In order to do so we must collect 900 signatures from registered voters in the district. The cost to engage a single voter is $3. Please consider supporting our grassroots outreach to engage....

5 voters - $15

15 voters - $45

50 voters - $150

An apartment building - $500

A block - $1500

An election district - $2750 (max contribution for an individual person)

For Checks and Money Orders:

  1. Please print and complete a signed Contribution Card.
  2. Make the check or money order to “Tyson Lord Gray 2017”
  3. Mail your contribution and Contribution Card to: Tyson Lord Gray 2017
    P.O. Box 568
    New York, NY 10030

State law prohibits making a contribution in someone else’s name, reimbursing someone for a contribution made in your name, being reimbursed for a contribution made in your name, or claiming to have made a contribution when a loan is made. 

Contributions are refundable to the extent required by New York State Election Law and the New York City Campaign Finance Act.

Thank you for supporting our campaign!